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A quartlet is a set of four cards for which each of the attributes (color, shape, and number) are either all the same, all different, or matching in pairs. With game design by David Harden and inspiration from Set.

Easy Canvas

A thin wrapper around the HTML5 canvas element which introduces scales, axes, and other useful plotting abstractions.
The primary design goal is to do no harm by exposing the underlying canvas API.

Cryptoquip Assist

A cryptoquip is a puzzle where one must invert a permutation applied to the letters in a sentence (typically a bad pun). My father insists on using pen when attempting the ones in his local newspaper. I made this tool to help him have less scribbles.

Fever Detection

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we worked on a project to use facial recognition and a thermal camera to monitor body temperatures.

About Us

James McKeown

Lead Data Scientist at Watsco Ventures

I design, train, and deploy machine learning models for our IOT product Sentree. Models detect and classify anomalies and generate alerts for HVAC technicians and homeowners when an airconditioner's performance is degrading. Prior to Watsco I was completing my math Ph.D. under Drew Armstrong at the University of Miami. Outside of work, I enjoys kiteboarding, piano, spending time with my family, learning new things, and coding with my brother Jack.

Jack McKeown

CS Ph.D. Student at The University of Miami

I work with Geoff Sutcliffe on machine learning techniques for guiding automated theorem proving. More generally, I am interested in theoretical machine learning and the interplay between data modeling, algorithms, and architectures. I also enjoy playing Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM), babysitting my nephew Micah and niece Nora, and coding with my brother James.